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Ocean Sunfish Research Trust

The Ocean Sunfish Research Trust was established in 2020 to promote awareness of ocean sunfish conservation through citizen science and research in the Indo-Pacific.

Our aim is to provide robust, science-based information for management bodies, tourism operators, SCUBA divers, snorkelers and other stakeholders, to make informed decisions that support environmental conservation and sustainable tourism practices.

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Citizen Science Projects

Match My Mola

Match My Mola

Bali, Indonesia: Photo identification of Giant Sunfish (Mola alexnandrini)

Northeast Pacific Sunfish

From California to Alaska: Co-occurrence of two sunfish species (Mola mola and Mola tecta) off the Pacific North-West


Make a Sunfish Happy – Make a Donation!

The Ocean Sunfish Research Trust operates 100% on volunteer efforts, in-kind support and donations. Any and all contributions are hugely appreciated.

Thank you for your kind support 🙂


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