Ocean Sunfish Research Team

Dr. Marianne Nyegaard

Trust Board Member
Director and Lead Scientist
Current location: Auckland, New Zealand

Marianne started working on sunfish in 2013, and has been unable to look away ever since. Her work ranges from kitchen-based research (how to bake sunfish-shaped cakes) to describing a new species of sunfish, the newest member of the ocean sunfish family, Mola tecta.​

PADI Citizen Science Mola alexandrini Bali

Jennifer Han Karmy

Trust Board member
Database Manager (Match My Mola), IT Explorer
Current location: Bali, Indonesia

Jenny manages Match My Mola, infiltrates the Bali dive community (with charm) in her endless pursuit of new sunfish images to match, and looks after our Mola Matchers. In her spare time she is a full-time English teacher, and does the odd spot of diving for sunfish off Nusa Penida.

James Alien

Trust Board member
Creative Advisor and Morale Officer

When there is a road before you that splits in two; take the third path. [Nelix].

Tor Mowatt-Larssen

Database Manager (Pacific NW project)
Current location: Virginia, USA

Tor is a PhD student at Virginia Institute of Marine Science (College of William and Mary). His interests include pelagic ecology and science communication, and all things sunfishy.

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Lauren McBride

Current location: Belfast, Ireland

Lauren is a student at Queen's University, and we are excited to welcome her as an intern in May 2021. She will be working with Jenny on Match My Mola, and with Marianne on the intra- and inter-annual variation in the Bali sunfish season.

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IT Saviour
Current Location: Bali, Indonesia

Budi calmly steps onto the scene when all things IT go South. Thank you Budi, we owe you several sunfish!

Olivia Duncan

Mola Matcher
Current location: UK

For years it was hard to find Oil on land, but the pandemic mercilessly forced her hand; her diving life truncated, to land she relocated - to Mola Matching she now lends a hand!

Camille Hays

Mola Matcher
Current location: Auckland, New Zealand

Welcome to our newest Mola Matcher, who is a true ocean creature and a long-term sunfish lover. When above water (and not matching sunfish), Camille is an industrial designer and a guru in 3D printing.


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